Our Mission

Greek Island

AidVenture Nurses provides their clients with private-duty Registered Nurses, Nursing Assistants and Travel Companions to assist during local, domestic or international travel.

At AidVenture, we believe traveling is one of the greatest joys in life and should be accessible to all. Whether our client requires assistance with age-related mobility challenges, chronic illness monitoring, medication or device management or has special or unique needs, we are here to help.

According to the research firm TNS TravelsAmerica, travelers 65 and older now make up nearly 20 percent of domestic leisure passengers in the United States. It has been forecast by the federal government that the number of adults 85 and older in this country will reach 14.6 million in 2040. Additionally, over 1 million people in the United States are living with a severe disability, 2 million have a functional limitation and 5 million youth live with disabilities. Bygone are the days when medical or functional disability meant an end to adventure and travel!

We believe in harnessing the opportunity of each new day and forging space in our lives for adventure. We know the trip of a lifetime is attainable and so we strive to support and compliment the independence of our clients. We aim to remove barriers to travel and provide our clients and their loved ones the freedom to unlock the world together!